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company oilRoq GmbH - engineering services


Services provided:

  • project management
    We can organise and manage your direct technolgy purchase and fill the bridge between
    your request and the supply of a third party (engineering partner)
  • basic engineering
    For our technology we deliver the PID, layout and all specification and you as customer
    purchase acc. your preverence and we only confirm the quality to our standards.
  • detail engineering
    We can deliver the layout as model with the piping going down to 2" (incl.).
    We deliver the piping with isometrics and bill of material, as insulation and trace-heating
  • erection supervision and commissionning
    Erection supervision is almost foreseen in our supply and in some cases we oranise it
    temporary for 1 week all 6 weeks and in other cases we install a erections supervisor permanently on site.
    Start-up is done by our team, which consit of one project and process engineer and a
    program engineer for the process control.


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