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Probenehmer 6 bar

Sampler for safe operation on critical plant access points

pdf-Icon des Dokumentes Sampler for safe operation on critical plant access points

Imagine your one valve sampling point starts leaking and 200°C fat is spraying out of the reactor (2 barg) and you can’t stop it.

Imagine, your operator does a miss-operation and hot fat is splashing t (...)

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pdf-Icon des Dokumentes Thermaloilheater

Trial Center

pdf-Icon des Dokumentes Trial Center

Crude oil storage tank homogenisation

The crude oil tanks can be homogenised by venturi nozzles. This system can use your existing pump and will improve the concistancy of the educt. So the following process steps will gain more stable conditions and can be better optimised.
Secondly the manual emptying of the sludge will be m (...)

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Gloove box for IE for sodium methylate

pdf-Icon des Dokumentes Glove box for IE for sodium methylate

vertical pressure leaf filter

Since 2010 we produce also vertical pressure leaf filter, like the common Niagara type. We have experience with such filters in application since more than 20 years.
In 2010 we need special features on the filters and since the market had
concentrated more, we decided to keep our ex (...)

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