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Esterification Technology

We provide tailor made technological solutions for Esterification of oils and fats with an ingoing free fatty acid contend of 15% up to 85% outgoing down to 1% to 2% for plants with plant capacities from 50 t/d up to 400 t/d. The plants are equipped with Loop Reactors designed with Duplex-Nozzle Technology.

  • oilRoq does take care of your project from concept up to operation
  • oilRoq supplies complete plants
  • oilRoq supplies the engineering only, permitting you to make maximum use of products of the local market
  • oilRoq updates your existing production plant
  • oilRoq renders technical support and conducts training courses

The plants are applied in:

  • Esterification of waste fats and fatty acids for Biodiesel production
  • Production of special esters in the cosmetic industry
  • Production functional fats, so called Energizer (NCT) in the food industry
  • Production of functional fats for lubricants, printing ink etc.


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