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Interesterification Technology

oilRoq once developed the interesterification technology for oils and fats in respect of making use of the Loop Reactor technology. Such plants offer a number of advantages as are:

  • Superior mixing rate due to special Venturi-Nozzle for accelerated reaction
  • Less formation of soaps
  • Quicker heating and cooling

oilRoq supplies also Interesterification Plants equipped with Stirred Tank Reactors. We always consider your requirements and chose the most advantages System and the ideal reactor. Also converting your existing reactor for Interesterification purpose is no issue.

  • oilRoq does take care of your project from concept up to operation
  • oilRoq supplies complete plants
  • oilRoq supplies the engineering only, permitting you to make maximum use of products of the local market
  • oilRoq updates your existing production plant
  • oilRoq renders technical support and conducts training courses

We design, manufacture and deliver plants with plant capacities from 50 t/d up to 400 t/d.
As a catalyst for Interesterification Sodium Methylate is used. The handling of Sodium Methylate to a certain extend is problematic. Therefore we developed a so called Glove Box for simplified and secure handling. The close bag simply is places inside the box, vacuum applied to the box and only then the bag will be opened remote from the outside.

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Stirred Tank Reactor or Loop Reactor – the choice is yours

oilRoq GmbH Your Specialist in interesterification

oilRoq GmbH Glove box for catalyst handling

oilRoq GmbH - Sampler for safe operation on critical plant access points